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Welcome to Top Agents Referral Network, the brokerage where you, as a real estate professional, can nurture your client connections even though you're not actively representing clients. We understand the dynamic nature of the real estate industry, and recognize that you may need to take a step back from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, yet still want to make the most of your hard-earned expertise and loyal client base. That's where we come in!


Once you’ve submitted the sign-up form and paid the one-time $49 setup fee, our admin team will send you an Independent Contractor Agreement to sign. Upon signing, you will need to provide us with your W-9.

Under Top Agents Referral Network, you may NOT represent yourself in personal real estate transactions, but we can transfer your license to Top Agents Real Estate Company, at which point you’ll be required to join Rogue Valley Association of REALTORS (RVAR) to become eligible to represent yourself…and clients

You simply complete the digital Client Referral Form, (which you’ll have access to upon joining Top Agents Referral Network). We’ll then generate a referral agreement which will be sent to the agent you’ve selected, and upon their signing, your client’s information will be sent to them.

We will copy you on the email sent to the referred agent with your client’s information. Part of the referral agreement includes responsibilities of the referred agent to give weekly updates on your client’s status, which will then be forwarded to you. In the event we don’t receive an update, you are welcome to reach out to the referred agent at any time.

Within 3 business days of Top Agents Referral Network receiving the commission payment from your referral, we can do one of the following:

  • Mail you a check

  • Wire funds to your bank account ($30 fee per wire)

  • Direct Deposit ($15 monthly fee - only recommended if you have a steady flow of referrals closing)

Yes! If your license is currently inactive, upon transferring to Top Agents Referral Network, your license will become active to start sending referrals and receiving referral income.

Unfortunately, if your license is expired, you will not be able to join until you complete the steps to reinstate your license. Once complete, you may join Top Agents Referral Network.

If you ever wish to become active in real estate, it’s just a simple transfer to Top Agents Real Estate Company, and a reinstatement of your RVAR membership.

We thought you'd never ask! YES! There are two other ways you can earn extra income:

  • Refer real estate licensees to Top Agents Real Estate Company and earn passive income on the referred agent's closings until their annual cap has been met. Referred agents must meet minimum criteria. Contact us for more details.

  • Work remotely as a Transaction Coordinator (independent contractor) for Top Agents Real Estate Company and earn $275 on every closed transaction you help facilitate. 

About Top Agents Referral Network

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to provide real estate agents with a supportive, flexible, and rewarding environment where you can leverage your years of industry knowledge and connections by offering a seamless referral network. With Top Agents Referral Network, you can continue to earn income from referrals and ensure your clients receive the exceptional service they deserve, all while having the freedom to focus on your other personal or professional pursuits, and without having to pay REALTOR® or MLS fees.

Why Hang Your License with Top Agents Referral Network?

Experience & Credibility: As an affiliate of Top Agents Real Estate Company, a reputable and trustworthy Oregon brokerage, you can count on us to facilitate connections for your client referrals.

Responsive & Support: Our team stands by our agents with unwavering support and guidance when they need it. 

Financial Opportunities: We help you maximize your earning potential without the stress of active representation, and promise to facilitate a smooth, seamless referral process. We also offer you the unique ability to refer licensed agents to join Top Agents Real Estate Company and earn passive income from their closed transactions.

Flexibility: Enjoy the flexibility to manage your real estate career on your terms. Whether you're exploring new ventures, taking a break, or semi-retiring, our platform is designed to accommodate your lifestyle.

Top Agents Referral Network is more than just a place to hang your real estate license; it's a supportive community that enables you to maintain your client relationships and generate income. We believe in the power of connections, and we're here to help you make the most of your vast network.

Discover the endless possibilities that await when you become a part of our network. If you're ready to take control of your career and embrace a new level of freedom and financial opportunity, we invite you to join Top Agents Referral Network! Together, we'll reshape your real estate future!

I'm In! What's Next?

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